Sunday, August 2, 2009

How To Create Your Own Caterpillar Nursery


There are so many predators that eat caterpillars so raising them in an enclosure is a great idea. I used a Glad container and covered the top with a netted footy you get at a shoe store. This container worked great for raising them when they were small.


I put a paper towel in the bottom so I can easily clean up the caterpillar droppings. Each morning I put in three milkweed leaves. I ripped a small piece of paper towel, wet it, and then wrapped it around the milkweed stem to keep the leaves from wilting too quickly.

IMG_1005 My monarch caterpillars attached themselves to the plastic container when ready to molt.


As they got bigger I started adding more leaves. I put new leaves in the morning and before I went to bed. When they reached almost a inch I put them outside in my pavilion. Then once they had had their fill I brought them back inside to make chrysalises.



  1. Hey, just wanted to know how long a gulf fritillary is a caterpillar.

  2. The Monarch caterpillar above will be a caterpillar for about 2 weeks. Gulf Fritillaries are about the same.