Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My White Peacock Caterpillar Makes a Chrysalis


After munching down many leaves my first White Peacock caterpillar hung in a ‘J’. In the pictures you can see that its body is beginning to turn green. Soon it will be a chrysalis.


This chrysalis has just finished, and it must now harden. White Peacock chrysalises look so much like Monarch chrysalises. They are smaller than Monarch Chrysalises though.

Below is a poem I wrote to go along with the video. When I read it out load, I always end up laughing. I hope you enjoy it too!

The Dancing Chrysalis

It’s old skin had quickly shed

While it dangled from a thread

Its music was a calming wind

Who was a tender-hearted friend

As the breeze began to shift

It produced a gentle lift

The chrysalis so free and light

Gently swayed as if to take flight

But all to soon the music ended

And for now its dancing is suspended

Poem by: Elizabeth Mann

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