Friday, August 14, 2009

My Polydamas Swallowtail Makes a Chrysalis


How can a caterpillar hang? Simple, It uses silky webbing that comes through a spinneret close to its mouth. Look closely at the plastic lid and you will see thin hair like webbing that this Polydamas caterpillar has created.


Is that plastic on my fingers? No, it is the silk that the caterpillar above created.


This picture makes me laugh. One of the younger caterpillars decided to take a swing on the silk that the bigger caterpillar created. Don’t worry it wasn’t harmed. I helped it off and removed the silk.


Finally after much wandering it found it’s pupation spot. It used silk to attach it’s hind legs, and then created a silk girdle to go around it’s waist. Never pull off a swallowtail chrysalis, because when you pull, the silk girdle will cut through the butterfly developing inside. You must use scissors to snip the girdle or the way I prefer is removing the whole stem it is attached to.


My caterpillars are very curious. They decided to crowd around the soon to be chrysalis. They did not want to miss out on any excitement.


The caterpillar is now a chrysalis! It looks like a green leaf.


Polydamas chrysalises are so funny. If you turn the chrysalis they look like a strange creature with eyes, ears, long pointy nose, and a strange body. What creature does it remind you of? Please send me your thoughts through the comment box on my blog.

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  1. Great info. I have the same caterpillars and you helped me identify them.

    Thanks a bunch!