Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Trip To The University of Florida’s Butterfly Rainforest


While in Gainesville, my family got to visit the University of Florida. They have the biggest collection of preserved butterflies in the world.


These are some big moths! The biggest is bigger than my hand!


I also got to see some interesting bugs. Look at that huge beetle in the middle! Can you find the insect that looks like a leaf?


I really like this butterfly. It reminds me of a rainbow. Look how the colors shimmer when hit by the light.


The University of Florida purchases chrysalises from different countries and Shady Oaks Butterfly Farm for their Butterfly Rainforest. This is the room where they emerge.


Inside The Butterfly Rainforest

Joshua Becomes a Butterfly


Oh, No! Joshua the caterpillar is being eaten by a giant spider!



We all enjoyed going through this special exhibit at The University of Florida. I think Joshua really enjoyed flying like a Monarch, but I’m sure he's glad to be on the ground again!

Note: The Florida Museum and Art Gallery at the University of Florida are free. There is a charge to enter the Butterfly Rainforest.

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