Thursday, August 20, 2009

White Peacock Butterflies Emerge

In this posting I am going to show you pictures of a White Peacock chrysalis that is beginning to change as the butterfly inside develops. You can see pictures of my White Peacock caterpillars and them making chrysalises by going down to my older postings (August 16 and 18). In this posting you will also get to watch a video of a White Peacock butterfly emerging!

Chrysalis with arrows pointing to eyes

While checking my eight White Peacock chrysalises I noticed that a few were starting to change. The two arrows are pointing to two pink circles that are eyes.

chrysalis body parts marked 

For this picture I turned the chrysalis upside down. Now it is in profile so you can see where the abdomen, eyes, and wings are developing. It is amazing how a butterfly can fit into a tiny chrysalis.


The next day the chrysalis changed from green to a clear plastic like covering that surrounded the butterfly. As I sat waiting for the butterfly to emerge I started to feel tears coming to my eyes. Before my eyes I watched the colors of its wings begin to get brighter. I could see all of the beautiful patterns on its wings before it even came out of the chrysalis! To me this butterfly looks like a painting created by the greatest painter that there ever was. I believe that artist is God who created every butterfly we see flying through the air. Below you can watch as this butterfly emerges.



In this picture its wings are fully expanded. It pumped the fluid from its body to its wings. In the chrysalis it looked black, but it is a white butterfly! Looks can be deceiving.


Yesterday, August 19th, I released two White Peacocks. Today I released two more. I still have four more White Peacock chrysalises left.


The White Peacock in the picture above decided it liked my Secret Garden. One of the butterflies I released yesterday, I saw flying in our yard today. Other butterflies I’ve raised in the past have returned to lay eggs on the host plants they were raised on. So hopefully the White Peacocks I raised will come back also.

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