Sunday, August 16, 2009

White Peacock Caterpillars


While at Shady Oaks Butterfly Farm in Gainesville, Florida I picked out many caterpillars. The first caterpillars I will do a posting on, are the White Peacock caterpillars. I got a total of eight! These little critters rode in containers, on my lap, for the three hour drive home. And the whole way home all I did was watch them eat. It may seem strange to you, but I enjoy watching munching caterpillars more than watching TV. 


Wow, these little guys can grow fast. This one is already an inch long. When bigger they have small orange dots along their black bodies. Also, they have many spikes which look pointy, but are actually not sharp at all! What a great defense. If I were a wasp I would think twice before messing with this caterpillar.


Of course, I have to include a picture of a caterpillar molting. Right after shedding of the skin, caterpillars are vulnerable to predators. They must wait hours for the skin to harden. I’m glad I’m not a caterpillar!

IMG_1182 IMG_1181

Here are two pictures of my Water Hyssop plant. It is one of the host plants for the White Peacock. This plant started out so tiny, but grew into a monster vine! Water Hyssops are native to Florida. They die back in winter, but grow back in Spring. The reason I wanted to get White Peacock caterpillars from Shady Oaks is because I haven’t had any White Peacocks lay eggs on my vine. I’m hoping and praying that the butterflies I release come back to lay eggs.

I hope you enjoyed learning about White Peacocks. Please check back soon to see updates. If you would like to purchase caterpillars, Shady Oaks Butterfly Farm sells several different species. They take very good care of their caterpillars, and make sure the caterpillar are well protected during shipping.


  1. wow,im glad that i found someon that likes from slovenia,there arent white peacock caterpillars,but there are thousands of normal peacock caterpillars.slovenia is a country in europe.ihave a question for you can you sent me live caterpillars per post to me home?if not i need a friend that can give me tips,how to care and where to find caterpillars.can you be souch a frien?

  2. im too interested in caterpillars,im only 11 but i care for caterpillars,pupas,butterflies and moth for fife if you need tips you can ask me.

  3. Slovenia friend, It takes a permit to ship caterpillars out of the country. I am not a dealer. I only raise them for my own research. I will try to answer any questions you have. You can e-mail from my profile. -Elizabeth Mann